Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tidbit Tuesday!


Well today I'm just going to talk a little about what I have upcoming this week and what I hope my posting schedule will look like.

On Tuesdays I'll post a little update like I am now :)

On Wednesdays you'll be updated on "Wattpad Wednesday" where I'll post a link to my latest writing that I post on Wattpad. Click to link to my wattpad account and I'd love if you follow me there. If you are a fellow writer please leave me a comment there so I can check out your work!

Every other Thursday you'll see a link to my Youtube page for my latest video. I talk about writing, reading, my publishing journey and sometimes about organizing and Filofax :)

Finally on Friday you'll find a post called "Feature Friday!" where I will host a blog spotlight on another YA author! Look out for author Lisa Orchard who will be featured this Friday the 25th.

*If you are a YA author and would like to be featured on Feature Friday please email at susansoaresbooks@gmail.com and if you would consider returning the favor of a blog spot I'd appreciate it.

That's all for now folks! I've got writing to do! I'm 10K away from my July Camp Nanowrimo goal!

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